"We have more helpful to eat some fruits and vegetables every day, eat more fruits to help our body health. 1. Maintenance skin: fruits in fruits rich in antioxidant substance vitamin E and trace elements, you can nourish the skin It is not a general cosmetics comparable. 2. Slimming aging: In addition to the nutrients we known, the fruit is also rich in natural plant compounds. These substances can regulate the activity of detoxification enzymes, improve hormone metabolism, with antibacterial The ability to antiviral, and play a role in delaying aging. 3. Preventing disease: Due to many vitamins, trace elements in fruit, it can also be used to prevent disease, 4. Reduce blood pressure: fruit to prevent cardiovascular disease, and can be stressed Strong cancer nitrosamine growth and cancer cell hyperplasia, producing a certain enzyme activity. Data analysis, fruit can increase digestion, improve myocardial function, and regulate the balance of acid base in human body. 5, slimming: Some Fruits are rich in food fibers, and the fibers cannot be digested for small intestines. In colonic, fibers can provide intestinal nutrients, which helps to promote the body's metabolism and help inhibit appetite. "


Ingredients with bananas, accessories mango Half, strawberry 2, biscuits, a cup of yogurt, original taste, other crafts, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Fruit cup practice steps

1 Put the banana into a thin film into the stirring cup

2 Pour your yogurt, press the switch, start stirring

3 strawberry slices, put the cup of children,

4 Preparing biscuits

5 knock down it

6 mango cut small block

7 get the mixed banana milkshake, sprinkle the biscuits above

8 put the mango, plug in mint leaves

9 isn't a beautiful beauty?

10 start to enjoy it