"Hobbied people believe that you like to use the self-made fruit sauce. If sauce is used, the bread, Desserts, etc. It is necessary to use it. It is also a good additive, let the child eat, parents will be relieved. Mango sauce has always been my heart, this time the mango is only one, there is a weight of about 2 pounds, I cut one side while eating, drink, ha ..., do a good mango sauce sweet temptation, LG Use a bread to eat a bowl ... a terrible appetite ... Use a bread machine to do fruit sauce, I am the first time, I usually use a pot to cook it, I will turn it out from time to time, so as to avoid confusion, I originally It's so stupid, I will not use such a good thing, hahaha! "


Main material mango 1000 grams, 1 tablespoon of fish glue powder, Half bowl, excipient sugar 1 bowl, sweet taste, boiled process, one hour, simple difficulty,

Mango sauce practice steps

1 Each material is ready

2 put all materials in the bread machine

3 Take the flower fruit sauce key

4 Bread Machine Show Fruit Sauce is 1.20 hours, if there is a mobile phone download Ali smartphone, this will automatically connect

5 When the time is 2 minutes

6 When the time was in a countdown for 2 minutes

7 Open the bread machine cover, under the fish gum powder, mix a little

8 time is here, the bread machine issues a prompt, and the sauce is done.

9 take a sterilized bottle, heat into the bottle, let it cool


No fish gum powder can be replaced with raw powder. It can be used as white rice vinegar when putting fruit meat. It can also use the lemon juice. I use the PE9600WT bread machine. Everyone uses other buns to pay attention to appropriate adjustments.