"I recently liked the Hokkaido Cup Cake, and this cake needs to match Kaza's cream sauce, so I have done itself"


Made of milk 150g, cream 100g, butter 15g, egg yolk 3, low powder 15g, corn starch 5g, excipient white sugar 20g, milky flavor, baking process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Casida cream sauce step

1 ingredients are good

2 cream first add sugar to 6-7 distribution, ie mousse cream

3 egg yolk and mixed with sugar

4 sieve low powder, corn starch

5 mix well, don't mix hard, or easy to start

6 milk heating boiling from fire

7 Slowly add hot milk to the egg yolk paste and stir well

8 mixed milk egg yellow paste to transfer to fire

9 small fire is heated to stir until thick paste

10 hot put into butter stir evenly

11 After cooling, add a good cream and stir evenly.

12 do a good job in Casida cream, refrigerate, just!Fried chicken delicious


I like the flavor, put some vanilla!My original, my family doesn't like food with fragrant fragrance.