"I like everything can be made of fruit sauce's fruit ~~~ 嘻嘻, the fragrance of mango can stay in a long time ~ Due to the characteristics of mango fleshy, this fruit sauce does not break the flesh without mixing, it is very convenient to operate, and avoid juice.Loss. "


Main material mango 1000g, lemon juice, accessories, yellow rock sugar 80g, other tastes, other processes, one hour, simple difficulty,

Mango fruit sauce practice steps

1 Prepare all materials

2 will take a mangle, then chop

3 put the materials into the bread bucket

4 Start the bread machine, select the sauce mode

5 If the sauce mode is over, fresh mango sauce is doing it (the whole process is easy to get it, no need for manual intervention)


1. Friends who like caramel can use brown sugar instead of white sugar or rock sugar 2. Mango to buy some 3. Be sure to cool after renovation, bottles of lemon sauce to clean control dry water, ensure oil, after bottlingThe bottle is inverted can also have a vacuum effect. 4. I use the PE9600WT breader Sauce program production.