"This season is eating the best time to eat oranges and oranges. I usually like to buy oranges to eat. On the one hand, it is rich in vitamin C. On the other hand, I like it, the orange is relatively less, the main reason is that I will not pick, Oranges that often buy acid or unstened, the orange will basically do not have this situation at the time of purchase. The same fruit can not always eat the same fruit, need to change the taste, and the nutrients contained in different fruits are also Different. When you purchase fruit on the Internet, you can see the kumquat, the kumquat is also rich in vitamin C, eat 3 ~ 5 a day, can supplement the vitamins needed to have the human body on the day, and the kumquat has beauty skin care, appetizing Shengjin, there must be a certain effect on preventing chronic acuteness and cold, this season is high in the high hair, the children are also easy to get angry, properly eat, it is very beneficial, bought home, found that children are completely unhappy I don't want to force him to eat. Finally, I have to do this kind of kumquat sauce. After doing good, you can drink it directly, you can eat it directly, you can also wipe the bread, etc., you can take a diversification, no matter what It is a kind of time to eat, as long as one is the child's favorite. "


Main material Kullia 800g, rock sugar 200g, water water 180g, salt 3g, excipient lemon juice, sweet taste, fried process, one hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Judges Sauce practice steps

1 Kimonia was washed with water, soaked in the salt water in the Half hour.

2 Soak the kumquats after it is rinsed again with water, then go to the kernel

3 put kumquat, rock sugar, clean water into the broken cup

4 Wailing machine Turn on the power, select the fruits and vegetable function, press the start button

52 minutes left and right gold orange juice

6 kumquat juice poured into a non-stick pan, add salt and small fire slowly stir fry

7 When the golden fire is fried to thick water, pour the lemon juice and continue to stir fry 1 to 2 minutes.

8 Fried Kumquat Sauce is placed in a glass bottle cooked and drained in a glass bottle refrigerated into the refrigerator.


1 Fried 4, use equipment: US WBL1021W broken wall