"Bai Xianggui originates in South America Brazil, the property area is the United States, Hawaii and Florida and Australia. The English name is" passion struit ", which is" enthusiasm "," love ", so in foreign countries, Baise Fruit It was called "Lovers", "Love Fruit". More than a few years, this passion fruit is introduced into the subtropical region of Guangxi. Because of its nutrient, the smell is particularly aromatic, can emit bananas, pineapple, lemon, Strawberry, Fritani, Pomegranate and other fruits have been raised as "passion fruit", because their juice is also the translation of the English name "PASSIONFRUIT", there are "kings of juice", "钱 树", etc. Piece fruit is rich in amino acids required by the human body, a variety of vitamins, carotenoids, superoxide dismutase (SOD), selenium, and various trace elements. Passion fruit contains rich protein, fat, sugar, vitamins, calcium , Phosphorus, iron, potassium, SOD enzyme, more known as the king of VC in fruit, unique taste (seed crispy, nutritious). Hundreds of full fruit has a good health effect to the human body, such as health care, beauty, help Digestion, anti-aging, detoxification, clear heat, etc. Honey. Do it is done directly, flush, even make a cake, and the bracket is very good. "


Main material is more than 600g, honey 300g, excipient rock sugar 200g, fruit taste, pickling process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practical steps of passion fruit

1 passion fruit was washed, I used a hundred-drawn fruit of about 1200 grams, and finally the amount of flesh is added to sugar and honey, and the flesh is 600 grams.

2 Put the passion fruit with a knife, cut out the juice with a small spoon. It is best not to come from everything twohalf, so juice is easy to flow.

3 Put the pulp directly to the sealed tank, the seeds are also placed together. The sealed can should be disinfected with boiling water in advance and dry water.

4 Put the rock sugar and put it, I don't have a knock too broken, and three days are completely melted. If the knock is broken, it is basically melted one day. Still suggesting the snack

5 cover the cover is shaken, let the rock sugar can melt as soon as possible. This is soaked in a day, during which you have to shake to promote ice-glycalized

6 next day to add honey

7 Also cover the cover and shake it. If the rock sugar has melted, it can be shaken once a day. If the rock sugar is not melted, it is shaking several times.

8 This is marinated for 3 days, and the rock sugar has been completely melted, and the seed will float on it. Can be drunk directly, you can also flush.

9 Put the thick flesh of the top to roast the bread, very delicious. Then match a cup of fruit brewed water, enjoy it slowly.

10 bauxi's skin can also drink water, I am steaming the pulp plus water, steamed the water than the direct bubble.

11 This is the steamed water, the color is beautiful.

12 is more drinking at a point of happening.


Rocks sugar should be tapped as much as possible, melting fast.