"Red Fruit Sauce is also called Hawthorn Sauce. Red Fruit is the name of us here. According to our tradition, you should steam some pasta before the Spring Festival to prepare for the Spring Festival, which in addition to the solid Steamed Buns. Face, including bean sand filling, red fruit filling, can also be added to jujube mud stuffing, etc. It is very popular with bread machine, sweet and horoscopic, and filling the pasta is very popular. "


Main material red fruit 1000g, flour mode, excipient white sugar 450g, sweet taste, other processes, three times when consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Red fruit sauce practice steps

1 red fruit washing

2 peels the red fruit core

3 chopped red fruit

4 red fruit is broken into the bread bucket


6 plus appropriate amount of water

7 will poult into the bread bucket

8 Add white sugar

9 Put the bread bucket into the breader, cover the cover, and the energiz to work. Bread machine works, there is a stop prompt

10 Power off, remove the red fruit sauce will enjoy


1, add some white sugar, the color of sauce will be beautiful 2, and how much sugar is based on the requirements of the individual's sweetness Sauce. 3, if there is no breader, use the pressure cooker to use sauce, and the fruit is processed, and the red fruit should be crushed into a sauce. Whether there is a pulp particle in Sauce to be in charge of personal preference. My diners likes sauce with flesh, so this fruit sauce has some good meat, and it is good to eat.