"I bought a box of rains in the New Year. I didn't finish it. I can't look at it. The best way is to do the fruit sauce. Most of the fruit sauce is mostly fruit, rock sugar and lemon, some add honey to increase viscosity I saw that the recipe of the kitchen also added cinnamon, ginger and rum, saying that sauce can't help but hurt the Half night drop, when I saw this, I immediately wanted to do it. Impulse. It is basically a sweet and sour. This time is really different. It has multiple tastes. In the entrance, I feel that my sour, my sour is sweet, and I can taste the faint spicy flavor of ginger on the tip of the tongue. Then some of the smell of spices. I have to say that sauce is the best time I have done, different sweet enjoyment. My ingredients have honey, and finally I think the thickness and sweetness are enough, there is no Add honey. In addition, I don't have rum, add Red Wine, not only color is beautiful, the taste is also improved. "


Main material lemon, 1 piece of flaky yellow sugar, 1 small piece of melon powder, 1 small spoon of cinnamon powder, Red Wine120ml, salt 4g, sour sweet taste, boiled process, hours time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Red Wine Missat Sauce Practice Steps

1 Prepare the ingredients;

2 Lemon washed with salt, the water was rinsed and wiped dry, cut lemon dandruff, and torn off the white film left the meat and juice.

3 Tri one is open, remove the seeds, this step is hard to be patient, and I have a Half hour;

4 ginger to skin mobs, yellow sugar cut small pieces, put all the materials in the basin, wear a disposable glove and squat;

5 has already made a lot of juice;

6 In the pan in the pan, cook for 20 minutes, and the mixture is appropriately stirred, and the chrose is fully dissolved;

7 Cook to this extent to the heat waiting for cooling;

8 Pickled 2 times with a mixer;

9 poured into the pot, first boiled to boil into a small fire slowly, be sure to stir, prevent a palm, about 1 hour, look at the scraper when it is thick, and you can see it with your fingers. It is possible to go to the clear print;

10 Prepare the container, use the water that is rolled out in advance, fully disinfected, then dry water with kitchen paper;

11 hot bottles are sealed, and then enter the refrigerator and refrigerate, the buckle is for vacuum, so that sauce can save a few months.

12 Every time you eat, you can take the appropriate amount with a waterless clean spoon.

13 park outside shooting, different sweet enjoyment!

14 I don't know how beautiful!


1. Thin points for lemon dandruff need to be cut. 2, if sauce is ready to eat as soon as possible, eat the refrigerator and refrigerate. 3. Each time you use it, you need to use oilless waterless spoon so that it can guarantee that sauce will not be contaminated, you can save a little longer.