"It is more heavy than the general ordinary pudding.


Ingredients milk 280g, whipped cream 200g, cream cheese 80g, excipient sugar 60g, lemon juice 6g, eggs, sweet taste, baking process, three times time, ordinary difficulty,

Pathful cream cheese pudding

1 raw material

2 Softe the cream cheese, add fine sugar to the delicate paste;

3 Add lemon juice to continue agitation;

4 milk, light cream heating, slowly pour in the cheese paste, stir well;

5 Add a scared egg and gently stir;

6 Mixed pudding liquid, sieved into the mass cup; in the mold, about eight points;

7 Turn the Derm oven to the baking gear 150 degrees, and the water bath method is baked for 35 minutes.

8 After baked, the refrigeration is the best.


1. The oven for this recipe is a DEPELEC De Pu embedded oven, which is a large oven. All temperature and gear are suitable for Derm oven. 2, other ovens are not used, but they have to grasp the temperature, slightly adjustments can also roast delicious and beautiful works! 3. Welcome to Weibo to pay attention to the watts ~ Bakers will give you special baking guidance. It is also possible to accompany you! ! Weibo House Number: Derp Baking Lab. WeChat subscription number: Derp Food Kitchen