"Suitable for the fruit, sauce is very strong, the color concentration is moderate, the flesh has a hardness strawberry. The strawberry with hardness can make a delicious strawberry sauce. Banana flesh, let the strawberry sauce add a copy Fruit flavor, and the gelatin is more prominent. "


Master a strawberry 250 grams, 150 grams of banana, 160 grams of fine grades, 1 large spoon of lemon juice, taste taste, boiled process, one hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Banana strawberry sauce practice steps

1 ingredients: Strawberry Wash to Tie, the banana is peeled when starting the production of sauce.

2 Cut the big strawberries in the head and keep the primary.

3 Strawberry into the bowl, evenly sprinkle fine sugar, seal the plastic wrap, pick up the refrigerator for more than 3 hours.

4 Preparing for sauce, extract fresh lemon juice.

5 Sloth banana, take 150 grams, then add 1 big spoonful squeezed lemon juice, mix well.

6 Separate the pickled strawberry grazer.

7 Pour the strawberry juice into the pot, and fire.

8 When you get a sticky, pour into strawberries and bananas.

9 sides are boiled.

10 State of fruit, the banana is soft, and the juice can be flawed. Survey Sauce glassware disinfects with boiling water.

11 decorated Sauce glassware disinfects with boiling water.

12 Put it into a glassware in a hot fruit sauce.

13 Immediately insert for 30 minutes, then put it in full cooling and put it into the refrigerator.


1, put the fruit sauce's container should have no waterless, no odor. (Can be disinfected with disinfection cabinets or use boiled water, dry it) 2. If sauce is made, you can put some lemon juice. (No fresh lemon can be replaced by lemon dry) 3. If sauce is bottled, it is necessary to light the bottle and there is no bubble void between the fruit Sauce, extend the shelf life. 4. Use oil-free waterless spoons when feeding.