"Before, no oven when wanted pudding, can only eat steamed, but the oven made out of pudding, baked surface micro-focus, is very like ~ O (∩_∩) O! The shop a little of their own honey red beans, like some fruits, delicious do not drop ... "


Ingredients Chixiaodou 30g, milk 200ml, sugar 10g, 1 egg, excipient base face 2g, brown sugar 10g, caramel sugar 30g, water 10ml, sweet taste, baking process, Half-hour time-consuming, difficult simple,

Step approach caramel pudding of red beans

1 night Chixiaodou a bubble in advance, in the rice cooker, the addition of a base face, 240ml of water.

Select key [2] porridge, about five minutes into the remaining brown sugar.

After completion of the program 3, slightly red bean mix well.

4 again to make caramel: Take 10ml water into a pot, simmer open.

5 into 30g of white sugar.

6 small fire Man Manao.

7 When the caramel color gradually become darker, you can turn off the heat, the warmth will make caramel color becomes darker. (My caramel color is not very deep, you can also cook a cook, but not cooked, and will be bitter, so we have to be concerned about the whole ...)

8 cooked caramels into the container.

9 to make pudding solution: milk into the bowl.

10 into white sugar, water and slowly stirred until the heat melts sugar.

11 milk sit and cool naturally, ready for an egg

12 eggs into the milk, stir slowly.

13 three times sieve.

14 for 30 minutes.

15 red bean pudding scoop a spoonful into a cup.

16 Rubu Ding slowly pour the liquid.

17 pudding cups are placed in a baking dish, pour hot water (hot water is best to not over Half a pudding cup).

18 180 degree preheated oven, upper and lower fire 170 degrees bake 40 minutes.

19 baked pudding can be a little stew a few minutes.

20 taken pudding cool slightly.

21 kiwi and apples, peeled, diced, put the honey red beans.

22 refrigerated taste better Oh yo ~

23 prepare myself ~

24 open eat O (∩_∩) O ~ ha


1. pudding was sieved must be 2 to 3 times, after sieving for 30 minutes, so tender baked pudding enough. 2. The container must be mounted pudding dry oil-free, to fully clean. Jun is delicious because got into a little water, this is not baked pudding some pores / (¨Ò o ¨Ò) / ~ ~ I was wrong demonstration, we must remember ah. 3. Set the oven for reference only ~