"Mi Mi is also known as black glutinous rice, it is very similar to black rice, but it belongs to TWO rice. The rice grains of Mizimi are full, the viscosity is strong, the nutritional value is particularly high, and it is nourishing yin and kidney, and the spleen warm liver Effects of clear blood circulation, etc., Mi Mi, black rice categories of miscellaneous grains are usually used to make miscellaneous grains, mixed grain rice, eat more, and some taste. Today I use Bama Mei to do this small small Desserts "Mo Micople", this is also the first time to make Pudding, and the first time, it feels particularly stick, and ink rice is eaten in the mouth Q, plus the slings of the pudding, it is really special. ! "


Main material Timum 100g, glutinous rice30g, milk 400g, light cream 140g, excipient cotton sugar 55g, 3 eggs, sweet taste, roasted process, one hour, simple difficulty,

Patterns of Metotin

One-day night to wash the Bama Magi and Glutinous Rice and soak it.

2 Buboked water should not pour it off, put it directly into the rice cooker, cooked in the rice cooker, and then put the 15g cotton candied sugar after cooking

3 mix evenly alternate

In the 4 pot, pour milk, light cream and 40g of cotton candies, boil into sugar melts (about 75 to 80 degrees)

1 full egg and 2 egg yolk in 5 bowls

6 dispel it, do not have to send

7 will slow down the milk (if you fall into, you will form an egg flower), and stir back and stir

8 filter 2 to 3 times

9 first put the ink rice in the mold

10 pour the pudding liquid

11 Cover the tin paper into the baking tray, and pour the hot water into the baking tray, the water volume is on a HALF position of the baking tray; the oven is 150 degrees to preheat, the baking tray places the middle layer, to bake for about 40 minutes

12 Baked pudding can be hot, you can also put it into the refrigerator and then eat it, you have a good taste!


1, the temperature of the oven should be adjusted according to its own oven, it is recommended not to do too much once, the refrigerator is cold, and the Mei will be a bit hard, so hot eating will be better.