"The carotenoid content in mango is good for vision, can moat skin. Mango also contains a substance of Gang fruit, has obvious antipyretic peroxidation and protecting cerebral neurons, can delay cell aging,Improve brain function. "


Ingredients 10 grams (2 pieces), mangoine, 350 grams of mango, 100 grams of animal cream, 150 grams of milk, 30 grams of excipient white sugar, sweet taste, skill process, hours time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Mango Pudding Solit Occupation Procedure

1 fresh mango wash

2 mango and cream together with mixer to stir

3 milk and white sugar put into small boiled pots to boil to sugar melting

4 Join the soft water soft gelatine, to be melted to cool

5 Pour mango cream mud into the cool milk, stir well

6 For the finished product, more delicate, it is best to sieve

7 After the sieve, pour the pudding bottle cover, put it in the refrigerator, refrigerated TWO hours or more

8 final plus mango

9 finished product map

10 I chose Xiaotai, really good!