"This simple dessert can try, zero failure! The weather is hot, learn to make some small desserts for the children, go back to eat, still very cool!"


Main material papaya, milk 260g, Geely Ding powder 17g, excipient white sugar amount, sweet taste, other processes, hours, simple difficulty,

Milk papaya pudding practice steps

1 papaya cut the tail, take it out of the seeds!

2 Geely Ding Powder with milk

3 Pour the mixed Geely Ding powder into the milk, add it on the fire, add an appropriate amount of white sugar, stir the heating edge, and wait until the milk is boiled, turn off!

4 milk is cool, filter into papaya!

5 Take the TWO root strike to fix the cover, put it in the refrigerator TWO for three hours!

6 can be eaten in taking out the cut!

7 will come again!!


The amount of milk is determined according to the size of papaya!You can pour the milk in your papaya first, and you can measure the amount of milk!