Ingredients milk 250ml, light cream 100ml, strawberry sauce, excipients, 3 pieces of Geely, 30g, sweet taste, skill technology, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice step of strawberry milk pudding

1 Prepare food ingredients and strawberry milk sheep

2 Geely Ding film cold water soft

3 light cream milk sugar powder mixed water heating or microwave oven and stir to no particle (can learn from strawberry milk win sheep)

4 Add a soft Geely Ding film to continue heating

5 until Geely Ding film completely melted without particles

6 Testing Strawberry Sauce Continue the stirring solution into a mixed solution to pour the mold (forget the photo)

7 Put the refrigerator for 3-4 hours, take out the decorations that you like when you eat.


It is sure to save the refrigeration, otherwise it will be frozen.