"Soybean Milk Pudding, low calorie, slim!"


INDUSTRY GRANG DC 10G, Soybean Milk320ml, b 150ml, accessories Pure Water 30ml, Sugar 60g, Mango Square, Mango Sauce Mango, Sweet Taste, Other Processes, One hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Mango Soybean Milk Pudding Practice Steps

1 Join the prior plain Soybean Milk in the pot

2 Add white sugar to SoyBean Milk, heat it, stir

3 After the silose is dissolved, the flames are turned off, and the foamed Geely Ding is stirred and dissolved.

4 Add a whipped cream, mix stir evenly

5 Filter, make the pudding liquid more delicate

6 Inject the pudding bottle, put it into the refrigerator to cool and solidify, then add mango and mango sauce