"I have done it. Everyone likes it very much. Many people ask the practice. It is actually very simple. I will take the process when I am free, I will send it up for everyone."


Main material apple qq sugar 4 pack, papaya, 200 grams of milk, sweet taste, other crafts, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Apple papaya milk pattern steps

1 Prepare four packs of apple flavor QQ sugar

2 papaya was cleaned, from a head cut, put the seeds in the replacement.

3 four packs QQ sugar is opened to a small milk pot, add about 60--80 grams of water, and slowly dissolve QQ sugar.

4 Solubate liquid, slightly refrigerated...

5 Add milk, if you like Q, add less, this looks like you like.But don't add more than 200 grams of milk...Stir well...

6 Pour before preparing a good papaya.Then send it into the refrigerator for three or four hours....

7 finished product is paid, ice is cool, very suitable for summer.