"Watermelon is a kind of fruit to eat in summer, which contains a lot of moisture, multiple amino acids and sugar, with clear heat and heat, refreshing and thirst. With watermelon and milk, it makes pudding, bright, sweet, simple, easy to operate, A pudding in summer is very good. (Watermelon is cold, the menstruation is best not to eat) "


Main material pure milk 200ml, 200g of watermelon juice, accessories Geely Ding powder 15g, sugar powder 20g, warm water small Half, fruit flavor, other processes, hours, simple difficulties,

Practice for watermelon milk pudding

1 We will weigh 15 Cairine powder to add a small HALF bowl to keep the water for a few minutes, then heat the water and stir well.

2 Add sugar powder in milk, and then mix the gillyine liquid a Half (1 Half) mix

3 Watermelon juice After filtration, add the remaining Half Geely Dry

4 Pudding Cup is added to 1/5 of the milk liquid, and the plastic wrap is placed in the refrigerator.

5 After the first layer is solidified, the additional color is removed, and then the plastic film is placed in the refrigerator.

6 Push it until all completed. In order to speed up the solidification speed, I put the freezer in the freezer (about Half hour) and add another layer. After the last layer is completed, it can be consumed after the refrigerator is solidified.

7 Add watermelon when you eat

8 color is beautiful!

9 I like this color.


If the amount of cups is less or when it is operational, it can reduce the level (three layers can be).