According to Qi Jia Seed 15g, milk 500ml, white sugar 100g, accessories coconut milk 1 can, glutinous rice powder 200g, TOFU1 block, milk flavor, other processes, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Pudding of Kiarian seed Glutinous Rice round

1 Choose a clean container, soak the ferrous seeds with pure water 1: 3 proportions, be made into a lebo, standby.

2 Pot is added to the coconut milk and heated with white sugar. After the sugar is dissolved, it is turned off. Add milk or soy milk

3 When there is still the heat, it is in a clean container, and then put it into the refrigerator.

4 Make the Glutinous Rice circle. Glutinous Rice powder, TOFU is placed in a clean container, as in the same and uneven, and is circular.

Put the right amount of water in the 5 pot, open fire, after the water is boiled, add a good Glutinous Rice circle into the pot, boil to the Glutinous Rice round, and remove the Glutinous Rice round into a clean container.

6 Finally, the cold coconut milk, as well as the Chiya seed gel. You can put some small fruits for decoration.


Joining Wolfberry is better.