"Every year, it is a peak period of a cold. I have a cold, I will cause the scorpion. I am uncomfortable. I cooked the red jujube Xixi apple soup. It is a clear lungs, spleen appetizing sugar, winter is nothing, can be cooked often.Drinking is dry and beautiful. "


Main material Xinjiang gray jujube 16, 1 of Sydney, 1 apple, accessories Wolfberry mode,


The right amount of sugar, pure water 1000g, fruit taste, boiled process, one hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps for red jujube Sydney apple soup

1 Prepare the ingredients.

In the 2 pot, put the red dates and rock sugar in front to boil.

3 Syrug is cleaned into a large piece.

4 Apples are cleaned and cut into bulk.

5 Red dates to cook the drums of drums into red.

6 put the snow pear in the fire and boil, and simmer for 20 minutes.

7 put the apple in a small fire for 10 minutes.

8 Finally, the Wolfberry poured in and cooked for 1 minute.

9 finished graph.


Winter eats fruit cold, you can cook it often, that is, anti-dry and nice.