"In many regions of Turkey, people who have the yards like to plant a warm tree. In the late autumn season, the huge warmth is covered with treetops, the aroma is felt. When I got it, I was eating warmth. Wen Wei is also called as a pear. The pulp is thick and not loving, but peeled, planing, add sugar and spices, it will become a delicious sweetness. Not only the flesh is soft, but the sweet acid is suitable, fragrant fragrant. Especially with a spoon Cream, sprinkle some happy fruit, walnuts, etc., it is even more wonderful. So it is my winter preferred dining desserts. "


Significant temperature 5, lemon HALF, excipient white sugar mode, chinese cinnamon1, clove 3-4, clean water HALF cup, sweet flavor, boiled process, one hour time, simple difficulty,

Sugar Water Warm Practice Procedure

After washing, clean it, cut it, cut HALF.

2 Use a small knife to cut the middle fruit core.

The seeds in the 3 fruit core are collected and standby.

4 Warm I have to be soaked immediately in the water of some lemon juice. Prevent black.

5 Place the warmth of the core toward the codes in the flat bottom.

6 A large spoonful white sugar is added to each warmth.

7 Sprink the seeds on the surface and gap.

8 Add a few cloves and a Chinese cinnamon.

9 Join the Half cup of water and the remaining lemon juice. After boiling in the upper cover, simmer for an hour.

10 After the knife is used to check the soft and hardness of the warmth, then the fire is also brought into the HALF hours, that is, it can be held.

11 Poured into some soup, plus a spoonful of cream, sprinkle some of the nuts.

12 can also be loaded into the food cassette in the refrigerator, eat the next day, the taste is better.


Wen Yan seeds are placed in the same cooking, and the role of color, so I didn't add any edible pigments. When you cook, you have been a small fire, plus warm water, so you don't dry the pot, don't open your way.