"The horseshoe is called, it has the heat and detoxifying, giving the lungs, and going coughing, now is a query season, this season is more dry, give the family a sweet soup, the horseshoe it is sweet, plusSydney, more sweet, adding the effect of moisturizing and defeating. "


Mainly horseshoe 2, Sydney 1, Wolfberry 10, accessories, Sweet taste, stew, one hour, simple difficulty,

Practice of horseshoe Snow Pear Sweet Soup

1 ingredient collection.

2 Horseshoe washed clean, cut off the TWO and cut away the skin.

3 horseshoe and Sydney are cut small pieces.

4 In the stew, add an appropriate amount of water stew for an hour.

5 Cook until the final rock sugar.

6 Add Wolfberry to cook for five minutes.

7 Sweet-fired horseshoe Sweet soup is doing it.