"Autumn and winter season, drink more soup, nourish the skin!"


Master Hawthorn, one, a pear, a little earlier, Ume TWO, accessories, the right amount of rock sugar, the taste, stew, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Practice steps for hawthorn silver ear pear soup

1 Iron Ear Bubbles in advance, Ume Hawthorn is ready.

2 pears peeled to the core, changing the knife.

3 The silver ear cuts with scissors and clean it again.

4 Put the ingredients into the rice cooker.

5 Add enough water.

6 Start the soup function, about two TWO hours, the silver ear is soft.

7 Because it is a thin fire of rice cookers, the stewed soup is clear and less clear, and the silver ear is still very soft, and then adds a little bit of villiating.