"Winter skin is dry, female body is cold, drink some sugar and warm, sweet and nourishing."


Main material silver fungus 1, lily, 1 spoon of Wolfberry, 1 spoon of accessories, sweet taste, stewing process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for Yinhe Lily Wolfberry Sugar

1 prepared ingredients.

2 Iron ear needs warm water.

3 lily one, wash.

4 Cook the water first to the sputum, pour the yellow rock sugar.

5 Cook the rock sugar.

6 Add a silver ear.

7 Coven up to stew for 15 minutes.

8 Then add lily to stew for 5 minutes, and finally add Wolfberry.

9 Continue to stew for 5 minutes.

10 finished products.


Generally, stewed sugar is predetermined in the order, and it is easy to put the final.The whole process is about 30 minutes, the sugar is cooked, and the taste is smooth and soft.