"You love you, not necessarily a medicine is the best, in fact, diet is the healthiest and safest way. I will share a beauty and beauty soup for everyone today. You will definitely like it."


Animal papayon 1, excipient peanuts, 6 red dates, moderate amount of red beans, moderate amount of Wolfberry,


2 blocks of old brown sugar, 1500ml of water, fruit taste, stewing process, one hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Puzzle Soup practice steps

1 Prepare the ingredients, red beans are washed one night in advance on the blister.

2 Jujube washing clean.

3 papaya wash and peeled.

4 remove the seeds with a spoon.

5 Cut into large blocks.

6 casserole plus water, put red dates, red beans and peanuts into the fire and boil.

7 Play papaya in a small fire to stew for 1 hour.

8 put brown sugar into the cook until melt.

9 Finally put Wolfberry in the small fire for 5 minutes.

10 finished graph.


1. Papaya should be ripe, so efficient, taste, taste will be very good. 2. Red beans are particularly difficult to cook, must be soaked, otherwise it will be cooked for 2 hours. 3. Even if you don't add sugar, this soup is sweet, so you can't eat sugar, you can't put sugar. The eyebrows that don't mind having sugar are best to add brown sugar, and the effect of blood is better!