"Red Date brown sugar pumpkin soup has improved immunity, the effect of supplementation, is also the soup of the mood. The benefit ingredients of the human body are: polysaccharides, amino acids, active proteins, bellis and a variety of traces Element, etc. "


Neighborhood pumpkin 400 grams, accessories Glutinous Rice powder about 300 grams,


Sugar amount, red dates, Wolfberry, long rice, red sugar, sweet taste, boiled process, time consumption, simple difficulty,

Pumpku meat red dates sugar practice steps

1 Pumpkin peeled for use.

2 Cut the pumpkin into a sheet, put into the disk, steam for 15 minutes.

3 Push the pumpkin into the mud with a small spoon, put the right amount of sugar stirred uniform.

4 Divide the glutinous rice powder and evenly, until it is not sticky.

5 Even the Glutinous Rice powder pink.

6 Make a large size of meatballs. Make more points at a time, refrigerate the refrigerator and take it with it.

7 cookers on fire, add appropriate amount of water to boil, add pumpkins, red dates, longan meat and brown sugar.

8 Take a meat to cook, put it in Wolfberry.

9 finished product. Soft sweet and sweet, rich in nutrients.

10 finished products.


1. After the pumpkin is steamed, the water in the disc is controlled. 2, pumpkin water content, plus glutinous rice powder, can not stick to it, do not dare to add water.