"Red Date Horseshoe Sugar, use red dates and horseshoes, very moisturizing, sweet, suitable for often cooking, old and salty, horseshoe, rich, rich in minerals, can effectively promote growth and development, antibacterial Obviously, crisp and more juicy, with the effect of moisturizing lungs. "


The main amount of horseshoe, accessories, red dates, Wolfberry,


Rock sugar, sweet taste, steam process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Horseshoe red dates Wolfberry sugar practice steps

1 horseshoe cleaning, cut off the TWO head, and then peeling very easy.

2 The horseshoe after pending is placed in water to prevent oxidation.

3 red dates, Wolfberry soak for a while.

4 Change the horseshoe into small pieces, red dates, put into the steam.

5 is filled with boiled water, put on yellow rock sugar, Wolfberry, and steam for 20 minutes.

6 soup is clear and white, and the heart is heart spleen.

7 finished products.


1. Horseshoe to go to the skin: cut the head with a knife, and then cut off the remaining peel with a scraper. 2. Horship towed the skin is placed in water to prevent oxidation. 3. The red dates must be opened and the nutrients are promoted.