"Rock sugar Sydney loquat juice [love], health machine grain 15 minutes, complete a cup of fragrant snow pear loquat juice, moistening the lungs and cough, all breaking the wall is more easy to absorb [strong]."


Neighborhood Pear, loquattwo, accessories of rock sugar mode, pure water 1200ml, sour sweet taste, other processes, three times when consumption, simple difficulty,

Loquat Snow Pear Soup Practice Steps

1 Wash the loquat, pear, pear nucleus, LOQUAT to check.

2 Pour the pineapple wall to add water and rock sugar.

3 Select the grain key to sit and wait for the delicious, is it super simple.

4 delicate and silky taste, I don't want to come to a cup, often stay up late, the students who pick up the night battle, the energetic children can drink, and the broken wall is more easily absorbed.

5 finished chart.


Pakya breaking the wall more reserved ingredients, so that the family can absorb rich vitamins and dietary fibers every day, and fish soup can make the whole fish to fight the soup nutrition, not waste, let the family are healthier.Let each housewife fall in love with the kitchen.