"I bought a few crown pears, the water is big but not sweet, my family doesn't love very much. This TWO day child has a little bit of scorpion, so I took the Crown pear to give him a juice and drunk. Because of the addition of lemon and honey,The finished products are fragrant, and the child is still very loved. "


Ingredients crown pear 1, honey 2 tbsp, excipient lemon juice 1/2 tsp, sweet taste, seasoning process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for lemon honey pear juice

1 Preparation materials: Crown pear, honey, lemon juice.

2 Crown pear washed, remove, cut into pieces.

3 Put the juice machine to extract the juice.

4 This is a squeezed pear juice.

5 Pour into the cup.

6 Add 1/2 tsp for freshly squeezing the lemon juice.

72-poon honey.

8 mix well.

9 is sweet and delicious.