"Summer is here, all kinds of fancy ice drinking today This beautiful drink is a combination of simplicity several materials to become a sweet and high-quality summer water."


INDUSTRY 100g, 1 lemon, 100g of rock sugar, 800ml of the accessories, sour taste, boiled process, three times time, simple difficulty,

Summer ice drink purple Samu juice practice steps

1 pick purple rumor leaves.

2 Wash the spare.

In the 3-in-pot of 800ml water, the water is boiled and put into purple leaves.

4 small fire cook for 15 minutes, cook until the purple leaf turned green, remove the leaves.

5 Add 100 grams of rock sugar to boil again, after the sugar is dissolved, the fire is turned off. Let down.

6 Prepare a lemon, cut Half crowded.

7 Put it in a good purple water.

8 Filter with the screen.

9 bottles, place the refrigerator and store, save TWO to three weeks.

10 The boiled purple juice is rich, and when drinking can take out the dilution of Half water.

11 Cooked purple sauce is rich, and it can take out the dilution of Half water when drinking.

12 finished products.


Boiled purple Soviet must not use a metal pot, will discolish.