"Spring is going to the woods, I have always liked to pick some fresh sprouts to chew, sweet and sour. Today, I took another and brought back home. At the table, Apple, Lingling Machine, made this cup of sprout apple drink. "


The main material is a small, one apple, the accessories cool, sour taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps for laminar apple drink

1 apple.

2 Squad small.

3 Apple peeling and cut into small pieces. .

4 Put the sprouts and apples into the juicer (I only have a cooking machine) and add the Half cup cool boiling water.

5 Filter a cup of original juice, really the taste of the forest! Bamboo

6 The rest of the slag, I also eat it! (Suddenly, the mother is discovered, if there is a child or the old man is around, I believe I will chew the sausage.)


If you love sweet taste, you can add some sugar or honey. I prefer the original taste. If you want to know the health effect of the sprout, you can Baidu, I am not here, huh, huh ...