"Fulunan's consumption of energy 1, anti-aging: antioxidation, anti-free radicals, anti-aging, also has the effect of inhibiting brain cell degeneration, preventing dementia. 2. Protecting gastric mucosa: Included vegetable albumin, There is also a protective effect on the stomach wall. 3, whitening skin: eliminate oxygen free radicals, with whitening skin effect. 4, help toxin exclusion: with weight loss, lower cholesterol, moisage, prevent colorectal cancer, etc. 5, prevention Constipation, promote eye care, increase bone density, help cell membrane formation, prevent anemia and antioxpatitis, horny inflammation. 6, promote digestion: The sesame seeds in the dragon fruit have the function of promoting gastrointestinal digestion. "


Animated dragon fruit, 1 accessory orange, 1 Sydney, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Dragon fruit orange pear juice practice steps

1 Put the three fruits to spare.

2 Clean the juicer, because I want to give your baby, it will rinse it with boiling water.

3 three fruits are placed in a juicer.

4 You can drink in the sealed container, and the summer refrigerated taste is better!


Orange purchasing skills choose to purchase quality orange, do not have to be round and big, good in medium size, strong and thin; feel heavy, good color, rich gloss. The orange umbilical nest portion should not be too large, and the fruit aroma is better.