"Use everyone likes fruit - strawberry, complete color fragrance, pleasing pleasant, not just strawberry, as long as it is a syrup made of fruit, Mein Mein Ice is affected by the taste of fruit itself, no strawberry can Change to peach, mango, blueberry. Homemade fruit syrup, really no added, green healthy, sweet, taste is very good! Lear on Mein Mein Ice, the taste is very enjoyable, strawberry syrup can be refrigerated, make ice cream, rush Water is drinking, and it is a thick fruit! "


Main material freezer 75g (heating), water 60ml, homemade strawberry sauce60g, white sugar 15g, excipient water ice column, frozen strawberry 50g (stirred), sweet taste, frozen process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty ,

Homemade strawberry syrup snowflake ice practice steps

1 Pour the water into the pot

2 Add white sugar

3 boiled, pour it into the frozen strawberry (heating)

4 Continue to cook until boiling

5 Add to Strawberry Sauce

6 cook until boiling

7 cooked to thick, strawberry softened.

8 cooking machine cups poured into the remaining (stirred) freeze strawberry and boiled strawberry mixture

9 pour into the strawberry liquid ~

10 screw the cutter head

11 Start Accurators Grow 5 Seconds

12 can be poured into the container to refrigerate storage.

13 Put the container in the Mein Mein ICE machine drawer

14 Water Ice Columns are loaded into the Mein Mein ICE machine into the ice exit, open the switch, the aid, slowly, and slowly planing the snowflake ice

15 rowed strawberry sauce ~

16 start ~