"The effect of the cactus 1. Live blood circulation: promote the blood of the human body, should be treated with blood stasis. 2. Due and hot refensive: taste, you can clear the fire, clear heat, remove heat, can eliminate heat in the blood Suitable for people who are easy to get angry. 3. Antioxidant: antioxidant activity, can reduce the peroxidation reaction caused by computer radiation. 4. Yang skin care: contain a large number of carotene, help maintain skin cell tissue normal function, Stimulate the skin metabolism, keep the skin and tender. "


The main model of the cactus is 10, the accessories of honey, sour taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulties,

Practices for cactus fruit juice

1 cut a knife on the top of the cactus

2 Pick the pest, some cactors have no fruits.

3 Cut the rest of the cactus as Twohalf

4 Prepare a big cup, pour it into the Half cup mineral water

5 Pinch the cactus with your hand, squeeze the juice and flesh into the cup

6 The flesh is all squeezed, and it is almost full of cups.

7 Pour the juice into the juicer, slightly stirred a few times, so the steps on the seeds are down, and the seeds will not be broken.

8 Filter the juice, add the appropriate amount of honey, add the refrigerator, and the taste is sweet and sweet. Of course, you can also drink directly without adding honey, and it's not bad.


The cactus has a thorn, wear a glove operation.