"When sour milk, there is such changes in chocolate"


Main material Dove chocolate TWO small pieces, accessories yogurt a cup, sweet taste, frozen craft, time consuming, ordinary difficulty,

Jinkle cat ice cream practice steps

1 Dove Chocolate Open 掰 Two block to put into the bag with water!(If there is a cake, there is a cake, the bag is best)

2 melted chocolate brows the face of Doraemon (if you don't paint, you can use the toothpick), put it in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes.

3 freeze, insert the popsicle

4 Pour in pure milk or yogurt (pure milk can add an appropriate amount of sugar) or the big fruit yogurt, according to your hobby.

5 freezer one night (more than 6 hours).Take it out (preferably silica gel abrasive, convenient to open)