"The hot summer and family eat fruits on the garden or balcony, and then drink a glass of flowers and ice.


INDUSTRY SBR, strawberry 2, grape 20 (or blueberry), mineral water bottle, excipient mint leaves, rose amount (fresh or dry), sweet taste, frozen process, ten minutes time consumption Simple difficulty,

Flower fruit ice snow blinkto practice steps

1 Various colors of colorful fruits and roses are washed. I use the dry rose, only to decorate, if you have a fresh rose.

2 Prepare a bottle of snow

3 fresh mint leaves wash spare

4 first cut off the top of strawberry with a knife

5 cut into small capsules

6 put strawberries, grapes, mint leaves, roses separately into every lattice

7 Each plaid is filled with mineral water

8 Into the refrigerator for 8 hours or more until the frozen is very junction

9 Take a beautiful cup to put the freezing fruit ice cubes

10 pour the appropriate amount of Sprite

11 a cup of color, cool and cool, snow, fruit, fruit, ice special, drink

12 goal

13 sides of the face, color value explosion


Fruit ice cubes must be very strong, not very fast. You can don't have to stick to me with me, you can choose any bright fruit or flowers, give full play to your imagination.