"Although the summer is going, it is still very hot during the day, so I will often want to eat popsicle ice cream. I will buy a few times. After all, I will eat more, I will have a spleen and stomach. I have a look at the appearance of popsicle ice cream. It will find that there is a lot of chemical names above, this is definitely additive! So let's do a popsicle at home. Although there will be some processing in the dairy products, but it is better than the ice cream, it can be ignored. You can also use your favorite fruit to match, there is a taste, but also value. It is like this mango yoghurt, you can eat it for a few hours. Some chocolate lines, is it color Does the value do not lose outside? "


The main material is 200 grams of yogurt, 2 mango (medium), excipient whipped cream 100 grams, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Mango yogurt popsicle practice steps

1 All materials are ready, mango cut, popsicle mold cleaning and drained;

2 Mango Ding into the cupping cup, use the stirred stick to be paste

3 Pour the original yogurt into the cupping cup, three cups of yogurt appear in Figure 1, I only use the TWO Cup

4 stir evenly, put it while standing

5 Refrigerated light cream oil uses the eggbeater to make a thick thickness

6 Pour the light cream into the cupping cup, stir well again, this is the popsicle paste

7 Pour the popsicles into the mold in the mold, then insert the tips into the frozen compartment

8 until it is completely solidified, can be done directly

9 can also squeeze melted chocolate to do decoration

10 bite a bite, sweet nourish, cool cool


Mango as much as possible, sweet and sweet; yogurt uses the original, can also use homemade; cream in order to increase the taste of mellow, not to send; the proportion of three materials can be adjusted.