Main material mango, coconut powder 32g, warm water 200ml, excipients GLUTINOUS RICE powder, appropriate amount of water, sweet taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practical steps of coconut mango small circles

1Glutinous Rice powder plus water, live into a soft dough.

In the 2 pot, the water was boiled, and the GLUTINOUS RICE dough was smashed into a small circle and cooked to float.

3 Remove the small circles and get cold water.

4 coconut flour is well brewed with 200 grams of warm water.

5 Mango peeled and leaving some mango butter.

6 Put Mango Ding into the mixer, add the appropriate amount of foaming coconut juice, stir the same thickness as yogurt.

7 Pour into the cup.

8 Put the small circles and mango.


Coconut coconut is not necessarily used, and the thickness of mango is stirred like yogurt.Cocadic juice with commercially available can also, what is the use of the hand?