"There is a colorful, tasteful dessert, and it is especially suitable for summer consumption after Ice."


Main material Si Mi appropriate amount, accessories red heart dragon fruit mode, coconut milk mode, milk mode, white sand sugar, sweet flavor, boiled process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Coconut milk dragon fruit Siimail practice steps

1 Red heart floral fruit cut small square spare.

2 Western pans.

3 The fire is boiled to a little bit of white heart, and the fire will be turned over.

4 Then remove the cold water, and the Simi will become crystal clear.

5 other plains, add appropriate amount of coconut milk.

6 Add milk and white sugar, and boil and dry it.

7 Take a part of the dragon fruit, put it into the juice cup, add the right amount of milk, and make a juice.

8 Dessert bowls are put into the filtered Simi.

9 put on the fire dragon and pour into the coconut milk and juice.

10 color value online dessert, very appetite.