Main ingredients 250g, excipients, rock sugar, 50g, sweet taste, boiled process, three times when consumption, advanced difficulty,

Court of practice steps

1TWO pears cut small pieces.

2 juice.

3 Extrude 250 g of pear juice with gauze.

4 small fire boiled with 100g rock sugar.

5 plus 50g maltose.

6 occasionally aggregate.

After 7 ten minutes, the big bubble began to keep stirring.

The bubbles were small after 8 fifteen minutes.

9 twenty minutes after the color becomes deep into thick small bubbles.

There is almost no moisture after 1025 minutes.

11 Add cold water, if you can quickly form a crunchy block.

12 Pour into the mold.

13 Mold remember to add a stick in advance, do not add later as shown.

14 The mold is not enough, and the shape is random on the baking disk of the oil paper depends on the hand shake.

15 Demolding about HALF hours will be solidified.