"Virgin, in the new way, devastating!"


Main material ice skin Moon Cake pre-mix powder 200g, chestnut filling 400 grams, 100 grams of accessories + 100 grams, dry powder,


Butterfly Tofu Pudding 1 gram, sweet taste, baking process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for flying moon cake

1 Premix is known as a 100 gram of 2 grams.

2 One point white dough.

3 Join 100 grams of boiling water for use and face, and prepare it into a dough.

4 Butterfly Tofu Pudding Cleans, put it in 100 grams of water.

5 Take the flowers, take water and face.

6TWO dough is respectively and good.

7 The columns are combined together.

8 cut into 25 grams of face.

9 Put 25 grams of filling.

10 Wrapped up to the neck.

11 The surface is wrapped in dry powder, put into 50 grams of Moon Cake mold.

12 Press the pattern, a small cream is completed.