Ingredients with eggs two, a scoop of white sugar,


A small spoon of salt, sweet flavor, baking process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Air Shufu's practice steps

1 Prepare Two eggs (as long as it is an egg, don't care what color).

2 egg white with egg yolk separation (egg white in a bowl).

The 3 egg yolk is placed in a small spoon salt to form a mixture of egg yolk.

4 Stir the egg yolk mixture.

5 Add a spoonful of white sugar into the egg white.

6 Use the egg saver to send the eggs (no eggbeater can also make eggbeats, as shown), forming protein frost (halving to egg whitening and pulling up with obvious tips).

7 Pour the egg yolk mixture into protein frost and stirred (the figure is stirred.).

Eneven brush in the pot (with butter can also melt the butter first, uniform brush, butter can add an oral feel).

9 Pour the protein frost and egg yolk mixed with the mixed, and organize the surface.

10 open a small fire and cover the lid, boring for five minutes (remember must be a small fire, do not cover the whole way).

11 can be illeg and eaten back (fluffy, super delicious).