"Summer is here, you can do a little ice cream at home, do it yourself, you will not be afraid that children eat unheasishes. Pure manual, did not add all kinds of flavors. Make a taste of tea, Simple and beautiful green, make people can't help but want to eat, faint broth tea, silky ice cream will become this. "


Ingredients with 12 grams of tea powder, 1 egg yolk, 100 grams of milk, 45 grams of excipient sugar, 100 grams of light cream, milk flavor, other processes, hours, simple difficulty,

Practice practice steps of tangible tea ice cream

1 Prepare the required materials

2 Pour the toner powder and 15 grams of sugar together, mix evenly

3 pour into the milk in the pot, heating to the fire to heat up when it is about to boil

4 Add the egg yolk to 45 grams of sugar to the thick white

5 Pour the warm milk into the egg yolk with a small amount of milk while stirring

6 Burning a pot of water with a pot, then sit in the small pot of the egg milk paste and stir it to stir it to a thick shape.

7 Pour the egg milk paste into one-third into the toner powder, gently stir the tumping tea and fine sugar to melt. Then put all the plaque tea back into the egg milk, stir well

8 After the tea liquid is sieved, the refrigerator is separated into the refrigerator.

9 light cream pour into the basin, hit 7 distribution

10 play a good light milk mix hidden egg milk paste, mix well with a scraper, pour into the ice cream bucket

11 Start the bouch machine IMIX program, ice cream in agitation

12 delicious tat tea ice cream production, then dig out with a plate, with strawberry, ice-free


1. When pouring the warm milk into the egg yolk, do not pour it in one time, it is necessary to divide, otherwise the egg yolk will solidify into granules 2, stir well, tea milk paste should be at least one hour, the refrigeration is not enough, the finished product is not easy to solidify. 3, the tea and green tea is in the process of killing, and the tea 200 degree high temperature steam is sterilized for a short time, and the green tea is only 100 degrees. It is enough for the ice cream. It is necessary to freeze 15 hours or more 5, I Used is the PE9600WT bread machine IMix ice cream special procedure