"When I was young, I was like a ice cream. At that time, I could eat it as much as I would like to eat. One year, a summer vacation follows a small uncle to go out, Dad gives me ten yuan" huge money " At that time, the Guangzhou Wuyang cylinder was a five-day, that day, I bought all the money, I'm too addicted !!! Today, this chocolate ice cream, the method is particularly simple, However, the taste is not there therefore discount, because there is a joining of rum and egg yolk, the entrance is smooth and delicate, with the chocolate slightly bitter alcohol thickness, Haagen-Dazs is also so! Quickly prepare for your beloved! (I use It is a kind of PE9600WT bread machine) "


Three main plants, 10ml of rum, 80g (66%), accessories sugar 60g, 250ml, sweet taste, mixing process, one hour, simple difficulty,

Ice cream (super simple version) practice steps

1 Prepare all materials

2 Pour the sugar into the yolk, send it to the white

3 Prepare a pot of hot water, the temperature is set at 79 or 80 degrees, be careful not to boil, can control the temperature by means of a line temperature needle

4 After the hot water rose to around 60 degrees, the egg yolk is sitting on hot water to continue with eggbeater until hot water is burned to 80 degrees, and the temperature is maintained at a minute, and the eggbeater remains low-speed.

5 is placed on the side of the egg yellow paste, and the chocolate prepared in advance is placed on the hot water, pay attention to the chocolate should not be stained with water. When melting chocolate, the light cream is sent to the firm state, about eight points.

6 Pour the melted chocolate fluid into the yolk liquid, mix well, and the temperature is reduced to the hand temperature.

7 Pour the mixed chocolate egg yolk paste and rum into the playful whipped cream, stir well, if you find that chocolate is slightly cranked, don't entangle, you will pour it into the ice cream into these floating clouds

8 Refrigerated ice cream drum from the refrigerator freezer

9 After installing the ice cream bowl, press the IMIX program, after the machine starts working, pour it into the ready ice cream liquid.

10 After the process end, take the ice cream bucket out, this time Ice cream is a bit like the scene extruded cylinder we sell outside, the taste is soft

11 Send Ice Cream into the clean container into the refrigerator freezer, you can eat it after five or six hours, there is no ice slag, spike big cards! Don't waste the ice cream bucket, directly scrape it, eat it!

12 open it!


The ice cream bucket must be placed in the refrigerator in the refrigerator at least twelve, and it is necessary to place vertically; before the ice cream, be sure to open the machine to avoid the ice cream part; finally take it from the refrigerator When the ice cream bucket is coming out, please wear an insulated glove to avoid injuries.