"The hot summer is about to come, in the most beautiful summer, how can I lack delicious ice cream!"


The main strawberry is ten, pure milk 250 ml, the original yogurt, the egg TWO, the auxiliary granulated sugar is appropriate, the sour taste, the boiled process, the Half hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Practice step of yogurt strawberry ice cream

1 pure milk, a cup of yogurt, the amount of granulated sugar, about ten strawberries, egg TWO.

2 Cut the strawberry into small pieces, take the Two egg yolk into the bowl, add a little sugar and some milk stir even.

Add milk and stir well in the pot, and heat it, it is not stirring.

4 At this time, pay attention to the mixing, heating to the edge of the pot, just starting to take a small bubble, immediately turn the fire, remember to cook it.

5 milk is boiled, put into the big bowl, put it until normal temperature, add the chopped fruit granules and yogurt, and stir evenly.

6 Eggshell was washed, cooked for three minutes with boiling water, and neat yards in a bowl.

7 Put the ice cream into the egg shell with a small spoon, put the small wooden rod, and then seal it with a plastic wrap and place it into the refrigerator refrigerator.

8 This is the finished product after freezing six or seven hours

9 start