"When I had a small shop in the mall, there were a lot of fried yogurt in the mall, and the production method was nothing more than pouring my milk like a pancake on the refrigerant case, and then plus raisins, nuts or a small piece of Orio, a small small The paper cup actually asks for tens of dollars, and several yuan costs for tens of dollars. It is really profiteering. In fact, those adds are very cheap. Today we improve the production method, we use the best raw materials, the most healthy ingredients, as long as Your family has a refrigerator, we can make a delicious fried yogurt. And I promise that your child will see my fried yogurt will give you the eyes of worship, today I am free to share it. "


Master milk 300 ml, yogurt 200 grams, 20 grams of folic acid powder, 3 grams of vanilla, 200 grams of strawberry, 1 mango, 1 kiwi, 100 grams of blueberries, accessories, delicious, other crafts, number When hour consumption, simple difficulty,

Fried yogurt ice cream ice cream practice steps

1 We need to prepare materials with milk, yoghurt, folica, vanilla, strawberry, kiwi, mango, blueberry.

2 Pour the yogurt into the yogurt machine.

3 Then then pour the milk into the yogurt machine.

4 Then add folic acid powder. Everyone may be very strange to folic acid powder, in fact, in foreign high-end yogurt, juice drinks, desserts, including ice cream, will be added follic acid powder. Cylindrome powder can help the human body to regulate the intestinal flora, the effect of detoxification is very good, so many doctors in Europe will recommend a crowd of serious constipation and need to lose weight (unlike domestic doctors, they will give a lot of drugs) Diolikidum There is a benefit of powder that can help diabetics stabilize blood sugar and control complications, and many diabetics in Europe and the United States have long used folic acid powder! And Europe and the United States suggest people to take a certain amount of folic acid powder every day, helping human health! So we also added folic meal powder according to the formula.

5 fast stirring evenly

6 yogurt machines generally fermented acid for 8 hours, I usually do at night, the second morning, yogurt is done, after you try, you can add a sugar according to your personal preference.

7 Cut the strawberry cut into pieces.

8 After sesame the peeled kiwi, cut the cross knife.

9 mango checkered knife after removing mangles.

10 Blueberry is also cleaned, you can summarize all fruit ingredients.

11 yogurt After the fermentation of the yo, plus folic acid powder is really full of probiotics, full of health. Pour yogurt in the cupping cup.

12 Add vanilla in yogurt.

13 Stir well, let the yogurt and vanilla integrate.

14 I use a baking tray, laying a layer of baking oil, and pour my yogurt.

15 According to the number of people control, then the fruits we have processed before.

16 After all fruit is paved, put it in the refrigerator freezing layer, and freezing for about 2 hours.

17 After removing, you can eat it with a knife into a small piece. Fried yogurt, with the best, healthy ingredients, give your family a completely different feeling, full of health!


1. The addition of vanillate can be based on personal preferences. 2, folic acid powder suggest 10-20 grams per day. 3. You can try more fruit types.