"In my earliest memory, I like to eat the pots. When my grandmother is going to go out, I have to buy it for me. It is the uncle selling popsicles. I will raise the voice. I will raise the voice: ice rose. For many years I haven't eaten, my grandmother is old, she is not around me, but I still miss her. Summer is coming soon, I will do it. When I am in my mouth, I seem to have returned to a child, I am in my grandmother. On the back ... this is a memories that the money can't buy! "


Significant watermelon 500 grams, 2 kiwi, 10 grams of folic acid powder, excipient sugar according to personal favorite, fruity taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Popular Popsicle Snow Cake

1 My approach is relatively simple, I only used watermelon, kiwi, folic acid powder. Did not use a drop of water!

2 First cut the kiwi to cut the small piece.

3 Then cut the watermelon to the small piece.

4 This is handling good watermelon and kiwi

5 Put the kiwi into the cupping cup, in fact, buy a curse home is really very convenient!

6 The cooking rod will make the kiwi to achieve the mud!

7 Then put the watermelon into the cure cup.

8 under the cooking rod into juice.

9 then pour follic acid pour into watermelon juice, follic acid powder is slightly sweet, and watermelon is also very sweet, so I don't use sugar. Folkamomria can not only supplement the folic acid, vitamin, etc. needed by the human body, but also help the human body to regulate the intestinal flora, detoxification and reach slimming weight loss, so many models have been used in foreign countries. In addition, many doctors will recommend people who will help constipation to help quickly and safe, and help diabetics to stabilize blood sugar and prevent complications. In fact, this is not secret in foreign countries, Europeans like to add, such as milk Yogurt juice, etc.!

10 Fast stirred is evenly stirred after adding folic acid powder.

11 Then pour the kiwi pump into the ice cream mold, and add the ice cream stick, freeze 30, and pour watermelon juice. Continue to freeze 1 hour, you can take it out! The cold and thirsty fresh fruit popsicles are not used to use a drop of water and additives, all fresh fruit, and use folic acid powder, very healthy! Can be assured to let the children eat one!


1, the fruits I use are fresh, kiwi is cooked, so I don't have acid, I didn't put sugar, your personal favorite sugar can be added properly! 2. Fast stirring can be dissolved after the follic acid powder is placed. Don't wait, otherwise you will bake! 3, friends who like to create can make more beautiful ice creams with other fresh fruits.