"Only drinking Soybean Milk to throw away the bean residue too waste. Whole beans Soybean Milk is very strong, I like it very much."


Ingredients 200g, excipient white sugar 30g, sweet flavor, boiled process, hourly time consumption, simple difficulty,

Practice steps of Whole Bean Soybean Milk

1 soy bean, five hours.

2 foamed soybeans, washed, and put the pressure cooker.The water surface is 2 cm high.After the fire is boiled, turn for 30 minutes.

3 Pour out the soybeans and water in the high pressure pan, put it in the Soybean Milk machine and add TWO spoon white sugar.

4 is too small, add some boiled boiled water.

5SOYBEAN MILK machine breaks, five minutes.

6 fragrant Soybean Milk can drive!Be careful!