"Do Soybean Milk to dry with dry beans or wet beans? In fact, this is not too big. Time is sufficient, soaked in dry beans or dry materials soaked in water, making it less worn when making it when making it, temporarily, Dry beans or dry materials are directly thrown into the Soybean Milk machine. In the taste, the good broken Soybean Milk can smooth the dry material or wet material, and there will be no harm to the machine. N years Before the Soybean Milk, it is necessary to filter out the bean slag to drink. There is a lot of nutrients in the waters. Now, it's okay, it's better, not only makes the beans in super delicate, but makes nutrition from the cell wall. Released, it can also be cooked directly, and there is also a function of automatic cleaning. Do Soybean Milk at home, drink Soybean Milk, really become a fashionable and nutritious thing! "


The main material is 1 paragraph, the lotus seeds, 25 grams of dried yellow beans, 10 grams of lilies, 800 ml of accessories, sweet taste, other processes, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Shanni Soybean Milk practice steps

1 Material is ready, the amount and proportion can be adjusted with the like, but it is necessary to subject the upper limit of the machine.

2 lotus seeds, soybeans, lily into the bowl, clean it with cool water;

3 Yam scraping skin, cut small segment; the skin will teab after touching the mucus on the yam, so avoid a wide range of contact, you can pinch the tail to scratch the skin cut, abandon the last paragraph, or wear a disposable glove operation;

4 All materials poured into the Soybean Milk machinery, tighten the cover;

5 water tanks poured into a sufficient amount of pure water;

6 Select "Dry Beans" 800 ml, press the "Start" button, default 20 minutes;

7 The machine quickly started working, and it can be automatically cleaned after Soybean Milk;

8 Cooked Soybean Milk a big cup, smooth, breakfast, drink a cup, full of energy.

9 Yam Lotus Soybean Milk, the taste is smooth, the bean is rich!


1 This Soybean Milk is slightly sleek, and the soy is fragrant. With the addition of fresh yam, it is thick and nutritious; no need to put sugar, the original flavor can highlight this Soybean Milk's flavor; 2 Soybean Milk Grasping the smell, drink the remaining Soybean Milk to re-heat and drink, prevent a large number of bacteria to be unfavorable due to long-term delivery; 3 this Jiuyang broken Soybean MILK machine K68 is free, grinding and heating After Soybean Milk, it can be automatically cleaned; pour a sufficient purified water in the water tank, just fall down the water in the remaining water box.