"As a mother who loves and toss, it is too simple to eat yogurt. It is too simple to drink yoghurt. What happened to her child. I always feel that life is not fun. The supermarket bought yogurt, also To toss the trick. This time it seems to be a bit too much. This desserts that toss out, the son can't dare to eat. Do you think that he can't believe it? Is it not a mother? Take the table to eat? Haha, I have tasted a bite, I can't clean up, I can't clean up, I will have a disc, delicious! "


The main yogurt a bottle, Oreo TWO block, accessories banana, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, advanced difficulty,

Banana yogurt bottle planting practice steps

1 ingredients ready

2 yogurt pour into the bowl

3 banana peeled, pinch into mud, add yogurt, mix well

4 Olio removes the sandwich, put the biscuits into the cooking machine, stir into the end

5 Carefully sprinkled with spoons on yogurt

6 Try to cover all your yogurt

7 plug in mint decoration


1. The fruit inside yogurt can be exchanged according to his preferences. 2, Oli chip does not have to be too uniform, there is no relationship with a lot of large particles. 3, with the eating, I will have aesthetically absorbed yogurt to absorb yogurt.